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Made in Derby

Developed in collaboration with Derby City Council, Made in Derby allows users to bring history to life with the power of Augmented Reality. Using mosaics designed by local artist Tim Clapcott as targets, the Unity Engine in conjunction with Vuforia was used to create this unique experience using assets provided by Derby Creative Commons.

Made in Derby was developed using unity and C#

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2 Stroke Porting

An app developed in Unity using C# to determine port opening times on a 2 stroke engine. As the results required are very precise, a system was devised to read data from an excel spreadsheet at runtime, leaving no room for error in the produced results. 

Because of this, the client is able to easily update the results themselves with no development knowledge at all as the algorithms continue to be developed

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Metal Corps

A modern spin on the Bullet Hell genre made in Unreal Engine 4 as part of our final group project at The University of Derby. Made with an industry standard combination of C++ and Blueprint components, Metal Corps won the Award for Technical Achievement at the 2018 Games@Derby Expo. As lead programmer I was responsible for managing a small team, setting milestones and liasing with artists. I was personally responsible for enemy, weapon and projectile behaviour as well as contributing to overall level and encounter design.

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